I’m a Severe Hoarder, Where Do I Begin? Health Risks, Facemask & Protection, Hoarding Cleanup Checklist & Professional Cleaning Service

Hoarders accumulate a lot of things; from treasures to trash. When you get hoarders the help they need, the cleanup is overwhelming and can be extremely stressful to the one that spent years collecting their hoard. During this milestone, you need someone who is compassionate and understanding about the emotional side of the cleanup. Today, we at NY Finest Cleanups would like to expound on hoard cleanups.

Health Effects & Risks of Hoarding; Respiratory Problems, Illness & More

Believe it or not, cleaning up a home that has been the central point of hoarding can be dangerous and harmful to your health. Professionals will wear protective clothing and respiratory protection during hoard cleanups to avoid exposure to harmful contaminates. Such hazards like bacteria, hanta virus, histoplasmosis, staph viruses including MRSA, E. Coli to name a few. Anything that is deemed unsalvageable should be properly disposed of during the cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorizing process.

Animal Hoarding Definition & Facts

According to experts, 40% of hoarders include hoarding animals and often multiple animals that will contract diseases living in poorly maintained homes. There are number of common contaminants and other factors that are often found within the hoard:
– Human waste
– Animal waste
– Live animals
– Dead animals
– Mold
– Sharp implements like needles, and such
– Asbestos
– Rotting Food
– Extreme dust making indoor air quality significantly low
– Structural damage to home

Protection During Hoarding Cleanup; Facemask, Gloves & Bio Hazard Suits

When cleaning up after a hoarder, it is important to be dressed for the occasion to avoid such hazards. A disposable mask is not sufficient to avoid breathing in dangerous toxins. Heavy exposure puncture resistant gloves, biohazard suits and purifying full face respiratory masks are required in a severe hoard. Where people can certainly clean the hoarding mess, it is safer to invest in a professional service. Professionals have the necessary equipment, gear, and training to handle the biohazard materials and proper disposal properly.

Hoarder Cleaning Checklist

If you are planning to tackle the hoarding cleanup yourself, NY Finest Cleanups have prepared a checklist outlining what is involved to help you see and understand why hiring a professional is the the best route.
Prepare yourself with gloves and face masks. As previously mentioned, cleaning up after a hoarder can expose you to harmful contaminates such as Staph, E.coli, Hantavirus, and Histoplasmosis. Throughout all phases of cleanup, it is imperative that you protect yourself with personal protective equipment.
Divide the hoarded items into three categories. Items that you want to keep, items that are to be donated, and items that are headed for the dump. As a general guideline, items that have not been used in a year or more should be donated, items that are broken beyond prepare should be put into the trash.
This isn’t a one man job. Hoarding is an extensive cleanup. In many cases, the individual who suffers from the hoarding disorder, cannot seem to part from their items without first seeking counseling from a professional. Note, there are some cases where manpower and professional training are required; such situations include animal hoarding, or a hoarding situation where there was an unattended death.

Hoarders Cleaning in Babylon, Brookhaven, East Hampton, Huntington, Islip, Riverhead, Shelter Island, Smithtown, Southampton, Southold & Suffolk County, New York

If you are in need of professional expertise to tend to a hoarders cleanup, contact NY Finest Cleanups, our experts can go through the hoard safely and efficiently so you don’t have to expose yourself.